ENGLAND She is indeed petite, but a giant. Her amazing performance had a remarkable depth, a spread of sound, feeling, and rhythmic elasticity - in poetry-filled tenderness - and in captivating demoniac passion in which she and the music found eachother in deepest intimacy.


GERMANY A brilliant technique, a highly cultivated touch and a most amazing artistic security. It was a performance which went to the heart.
ITALY A poetry of touch and phrasing coupled with a rhythmic precision and marvelous technical control are consistent and characteristic components in the musical dialogue of Assia Zlatkowa.
POLAND With youth and freshness she performed with a pearl-like technique and with the finest of definitive dynamics. Here was a radiant clear musical performance which always placed melodic integrity first - even be fore her virtuoso bravura performance.
DENMARK With her capacity for poetic sound, she is, as no one else, capable of making the melodic line breath, of making it vibrate with a nerve-filled sensitivity in its lines of beauty and making it sing unforgettably into our listening minds; so natural, so inartificial, so human and so rich - how Chopin would have loved her !
SWEDEN It was her unique and beautiful tone which was so sensational. Her tender, soft, and supple playing melted so purely with the orchestra that you forgot this was a percussive instrument upon which she was performing.
BULGARIA . Assia Zlatkowa is one of the greatest talents our country has created. Hers is a perfect and spotless technique together with a subtle sound, shading and poetic expressiveness - and with a radiant stage-appearance; certainly all the necessities for a great career.